Raya 2022 Bake Sale

We are here as one family and we believe family comes first, hence this is our collaboration based on each and everyone’s creation. Our big family consist of 5 different vendors namely Tboomb Bakery, Dilah Delicacy, Zara’s Best Deli, MAZ Legacy and also JLadaina ourselves. We have a lot to offer and we can assure you that our creations will satisfy your taste buds and craving. We are taking orders till 24th April for this month of Ramadhan and Syawal. We will still take order even if its after raya. All bake to order. We will comply upon your request in shaa Allah. There will be Livestream once a week at one of our facebook live streamer. We would like to tell you more information, but first, let us share with you some images as a sneak peak of what we are selling.

In one of our livestream, we have a special promotion and we also have further price reduction as an introduction to our products. Overall, we received a good response and would like to share it with you.

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